Brazilian DFIs

National Development Financial System
The National Development Financial System (NDFS) is a federative development finance network that brings together Brazilian development financial institutions (DFIs) of various regional levels – national, subnational or focused on particular macro regions, such as the Amazon region.

Over the course of decades, the NDFS has been an important instrument in promoting Brazil’s economic development, playing a fundamental role in the financing of the transformative goals required at each moment. 

In addition to financing businesses and the public sector, the NDFS contributes with the local expertise of its members to support sustainable development policies aligned with specific regional challenges. The comprehensive regional reach of Brazilian DFIs – coordinated within the NDFS – ensures that international and national development policies are implemented throughout the country and in line with local priorities.

The Brazilian NDFS is not a unique example. Many other countries rely on development finance systems, operating in different regions and segments of the credit market, to implement public policies. In Germany, the KfW is connected to more than 17 regional public banks, while countries such as France, South Korea, China, Mexico, and the United States also count on a wide range of complementary DFIs.